Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Review

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World is an entertaining and challenging adventure game. It is set in a 19th century alternate universe in which the invention of the Polar Ion Drive made space exploration possible, and catapulted Earth into a whole new era of technology – and crime.

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Azada Review

Azada is categorized as an adventure game, but to me it seemed more like a puzzle game with some hidden object game elements thrown in. In the beginning you wake up in a house where you have been summoned by Titus, a spirit who has been magically imprisoned. He asks you to help free him, which can only be done by solving a series of puzzles.

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Royal Envoy Review

Royal Envoy

Royal Envoy is a fun and addictive time management and strategy game. Islandshire has been devastated by a storm, and the king doesn’t see why he should send help. Luckily he has a change of heart when he finds out that his favorite shoes are made there, and sends you to organize and oversee the repair and rebuilding of the towns before the rainy season begins.

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Drawn: Dark Flight Review

Drawn: Dark Flight is the sequel to Drawn: The Painted Tower. In the first game your task was to help Iris escape from the tower she was imprisoned in. In Dark Flight your task is to light the 3 towers and vanquish the darkness so that Iris can claim the throne.

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