Fisher’s Family Farm review

Fisher’s Family Farm is a fun and addictive time management game. You play as Marissa Fisher, whose family calls her to help them save their fish farm when fish start disappearing and the farm starts going under.

Fisher’s Family Farm has been compared to Farm Frenzy, and from the screenshots it does look quite similar, though the two games are in different settings. I can’t speak from personal experience though, as Farm Frenzy is not available for Mac and so I haven’t played it. But if you have been wishing that there was a Mac version of Farm Frenzy, Fisher’s Family Farm seems like a valid alternative – as a time management game I think it might even be better than Royal Envoy, which Big Fish Games awarded as one of their best games in 2010. Now if only I could find a Mac version of Caesar 3 and Pharaoh! :P

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Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison review

Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison is a creepy adventure game in which you play as Kiera Vale, a young woman who is trying to find her birth parents. She receives a letter from Alton Quinn, the caretaker of Blackwater Asylum, who says that the building belonged to her ancestors and might contain information about her family.

After reaching the abandoned asylum, she meets Quinn and soon realizes that he wasn’t honest about his reasons for bringing her there. As Kiera explores the grounds of the asylum, trying to find out more about her family while staying out of Quinn’s clutches, she discovers a much bigger and older mystery than that of her family.

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Windosill review

Windosill is a difficult game to describe. This is partly because it’s so short that describing any of the levels would spoil too much, and partly because it’s so different from any other game I’ve played before.

The aim of the game is to lead a little toy car out of the closet it’s in, and through a series of dreamlike scenarios. Each scene is like a window or shadowbox, with the car riding on the windowsill. To pass each level, you need to find a cube to insert into a slot above the door, which will then unlock and allow you to exit – if you can get the toy car to reach it.

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Kuros review

I really dislike writing negative reviews, so usually I just stop playing a game if it’s bad and move on to the next one. But the graphics in Kuros were so pretty and so many other people apparently loved it, that I just kept playing, thinking surely it had to get better soon. It didn’t.

At the beginning of the game your character, who we later find out is called Katya, wakes up by a strange rock in a clearing with no memory. She says she should explore, and then you have the controls. In the first scene you have to find some hidden objects to create an item that will let you reach a bag in a sinkhole, and inside you find some map fragments. Katya immediately says to remember to look for map fragments everywhere, as she’s sure they’ll be useful. In the next scene the door to exit through is locked, but once again even without her memory Katya knows that using the crystals will open the door. If the game developers were going to use Katya to give instructions, it would have made more sense that she didn’t lose her memory, as it really has no bearing on the storyline except as a reason not to bother giving us any details about what’s happening.

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Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull review

In Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull you are a detective called to a bayou in Louisiana by Sara Lawson to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her husband, Marcus Lawson. Their young daughter Magnolia was the last person to see her father before he disappeared, and she believes he was taken by a ghost. Her mother however is skeptical and suspects the culprit is someone from the nearby village.

The Lawsons had only just moved to the mansion, which they inherited from a recently deceased relative. The mansion is old, creepy, and falling apart, and as you investigate you discover it might be haunted too. According to the locals, it’s plagued by the ghost of the vengeful pirate that built it and murdered his crew there so that he could keep their treasure for himself. Mr Lawson had found a treasure map and had become convinced the story was true, and he had been spending his days looking for the treasure when he disappeared. Nothing is being done by local law enforcement to help find the missing man, so you are Mrs Lawson’s only hope of finding her husband.

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